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I Could Do That!

Recently, I came across a link to the YouTube video below and thought that it might be a good one to share here.  I know that we often wonder about “ART” and comments like “I could have done that” are pretty common.  I even remember taking my dad to a museum and while we were standing in a room full of Jasper Johns’ Numbers work and him questioning why it was art–essentially, as an engineer, anyone he knew could do that!

The thing is that I not only thought that this video was one of the best on the subject I had seen, I think their entire YouTube Channel is pretty wonderful.  They have found a way to make learning about the artistic process a bit more fun and less intimidating.  Maybe, as a bonus, along with more specifically educational videos, they also offer a series of assignments that are thought up by various artists and allow you to explore some ideas in a fun way (with lots of great references to current art–more educational stuff done in a fun, relevant way!)–and every assignment requires that you document what you did photographically–a real bonus!

Hope you will enjoy this video and the rest of their efforts as much as I have.


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