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Quotes to Ponder: #0001

There is nothing worse than

a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.

~Ansel Adams


Where does the photograph start, any photograph, if not with an idea.  In fact, as this quote seems to suggest, this is also where the photographic process ends.  In the next day or so,  I will be presenting some thoughts on this subject.  Until then, maybe we can ponder these questions:  Do all of our photographs actually have an idea/concept behind them?  Do our photographs clearly express our intent/idea/concept?  Does John keep using different words to mean the same thing!? :))

 *          *          *

(“Quotes to Ponder” will be a regular feature here.  My philosophy about quotes isn’t that they prove any point as they are often taken out of context or they may have been said in response to something we have no way of knowing about.  But they generally do embody some sort of opinion or thought that can often be worthwhile pondering.  I expect that in most cases, they will be the teaser to a longer discussion of their idea in a later post!)


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